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Giuseppe Aprile
The modern italian method of singing with a variety of a progressive examples, & thirty six solfeggi, [1791-1795]  
edited by Mariateresa Dellaborra


Twenty-one concise rules, on issues of sound and proper interpretation of dynamics markings, form the theoretical part of this method. There follow progressive exercises on specific aspects of vocal technique, then solfeggios of varying length and character. This is what Giuseppe Aprile (1732-1813), a castrato known all over Europe as "Scirolo", proposed for modern singer training. His approach was based on Tosi's and Tenducci's, which he sort of summarized, and was to become a reference point for Michael Kelly's and Manuel Garcia's schools.

Mariateresa Dellaborra is a researcher focusing on 18th- and 19th-century Italian music. She has published books and essays for Olschki, ETS, Brepols, L'Epos, LIM, Ut Orpheus, Rugginenti, and Marsilio, has written entries for The New Grove (2nd edition) and MGG, and has edited the scholarly edition of instrumental compositions (N. Paganini, G.B. Viotti, A. Rolla, S. Mercadante) and operas (G.B. Sammartini, T. Traetta, N. Jommelli, M. Portugal, A. Stradella)..

The modern italian method of singing with a variety of a progressive examples thirty six solfeggi, London, [1791-1795]