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Gasparo Zannetti
Il scolaro [...] per imparar a suonare  di violino, et altri stromenti 
edited by Paola Carlomagno


This text is a treasure trove of 17th-century Milanese folk songs in movable-type staff notation and Italian tablature. It attests the steady progress of the violin practice in town and the growing number of amateurs with a taste for ensemble music playing. It offers an easy repertoire for violin, viola, and cello students, as well as a first experience of early music performance in a quasi-string quartet combination.

Paola Carlomagno is a concert pianist, a teacher, and an organology and music history researcher. She has taken part in national and international conferences, and has worked with various organizations and conservatories. She is currently cataloging the Milan Conservatory historical musical instrument collection, and has compiled a bibliography of the main organology and musical acoustics works for the forthcoming BEIC. She has been working for years with the Consorzio liutai, the Cremona Chamber of Commerce, and the Stradivari Foundation, and is currently a member of the committee for the creation of a Violin Museum, Cremona.

The modern italian method of singing with a variety of a progressive examples thirty six solfeggi, London, [1791-1795]