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The SEdM

Born in 2012, SEdM (Società Editrice di Musicologia) boasts Italian musicologists, music educators, and musicians joining forces to:

a) produce scholarly editions of Italian music scores, methods, treatises, and essays;

b) make its catalog internationally available through the Web;

c) enhance Italian musicology and its worldwide visibility.

SEdM benefits from the authoritative support of SIdM (Società Italiana di Musicologia), as well as of an international editorial committee.

SEdM Executive Board is:

Guido Salvetti – Chairperson
Bianca Maria Antolini – Editor
Mariateresa Dellaborra – Executive Editor
Andrea Estero – Promotion
Carlo Fiore - Art director

Prospective SedM collaborators can send proposals, attaching detailed CV’s. The next Board meeting will evaluate applications 

in collaboration with Società Italiana di Musicologia