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Alessandro Rolla
24 Scale per violino e 24 Solfeggi progressivi con accompagnamento di un secondo violino
edted by Paolo Sullo

(Instrumental Music, 9)

XIV, 28 pp.; 21 x 29 cm
Italian/English Introduction and Apparatus

Rolla’s 24 Scales for the Violin and 24 Progressive Solfèges were composed ca. 1813 and printed in 1814. They form an aspect of the innovative teaching methods associated with the birth of the Milan Conservatory (1808), which had Rolla as first Maestro of viola and violin. The collection includes twenty-four different scales for two violins; the top part was meant to be played by the student, the bottom one by the teacher. Each Scala is followed by a Solfeggio, a characteristic short piece posing sundry technical and expressive problems, typical of the 19th century violin school and arranged in increasing difficulty order.

Paolo Sullo graduated in Musicology at the Rome-Tor Vergata University. He also has conservatory degrees in violin, viola, composition, music education, and choir. In the year 2012 he obtained a Ph.D. at Rome–Tor Vergata, defending a dissertation on 18th-century Neapolitan school solfèges. His researches have been published on several scholarly journals, among which Studi Pergolesiani and Rivista di Analisi e Teoria Musicale. He teaches theory, analysis, and composition at the Liceo Musicale Farnesina, Rome, is visiting lecturer at Rome–Tor Vergata, and is master trainer of the “Sanitansamble Orchestra” of Napoli.


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