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Franchino Gaffurio
edited by Francesco Rocco Rossi

(Musica mensurale, 1)

29,7 x 21 cm; XLVIII, 252 pp.
Intro and Apparatus in Italian and English

Franchino Gaffurio of Lodi (1451-1522) was one of the greatest music theorists of his time. Yet his encyclopedic knowledge of music theory ended up casting a shade on his creative side. He was the first Italian composer of distinction in a field largely dominated by Franco-Flemish musicians. This scholarly edition of his Motets aims to make a substantial corpus of Gaffurio’s work available, as well as to offer late fifteenth-century music lovers unissued three-, four-, and five-part compositions that are as interesting to analyze as they are enjoyable to sing and listen to. This volume opens up a series, La musica sacra di Franchino Gaffurio, stemming from a Società Italiana di Musicologia research project.

Francesco Rocco Rossi, graduated in piano, then in Musicology (2002), and got a Ph.D. in Musicological Sciences (2007). His main research field is Renaissance mensural notation and philology, yet he recently expanded his interests to 19th-century opera, on which he holds workshops and lectures. Besides penning essays for major Italian and international reviews, he published two monographic books on Renaissance composers (Guillaume Faugues and Guillaume Du Fay), a manual on period notation (De musica mensurabili), and a general overview of that era (La musica rinascimentale. Storia, teorie, analisi). He edited Guillaume Faugues’s Opera Omnia and a series of 15th-century polyphonic Masses for the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance, Tours. He hosted educational radio shows at Radio Popolare and worked for Sky Classica tv, writing texts and introducing concerts, operas, and documentaries. He was Adjunct Professor, History of Renaissance Music, at the Musicology and Cultural Heritage Department, Pavia-Cremona University. He is currently Professor of Renaissance Polyphonic Music Semiography at the Pontificio Istituto Ambrosiano di Musica Sacra, Milan.

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